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The webdesign, definition and objectives.

After seeing the trends of webdesign for 2010, let's look at this big question that haunts us all (well almost): what is the function of webdesign? To answer it, we will have to define what the webdesign is and what are its objectives.

Webdesign is the combination of two words, web and design that literally mean "canvas" and "draw", so it's the drawing action for the web. However, we need to look further into the definition of design, also called graphics to better define the webdesign.

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Graphic design is a discipline that consists in creating, choosing and using graphic elements (drawings, typographic characters, photos, colors, etc.) to elaborate an object of communication and / or culture.Each of the elements is symbolic and significant in the design of the project, along the lines possibly defined with other stakeholders in the field of communication, with the aim of promoting, informing or instructing ".


The graphic design aims to highlight information in the form of visual content (colors, images, text but also sounds and videos) to attract, transmit and understand this information.

The webdesign therefore consists of transmitting information on the internet support. For this it must fulfill several objectives.

Set up an aestheticism:
Very often for neophytes and the general public, the aesthetic is boiled down to saying "Ha it's pretty !, ah it's ugly!" or "I do not like green with blue!" But the aesthetics of a site is not limited to its simple subgestive remarks, it consists above all in setting up a harmony:


- balance of spaces and texts.

- consistency of colors and typography.

- relevance of the iconography.

- prioritization of information.

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