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Presentation of the sector and the profession of web developer

Sector and position introduction
Belonging to the family of programming and development, the web developer is responsible for the technical realization and computer development of a website, respecting the specifications that are provided. This programmer can practice in an ESN (Digital Services Company), in a web agency, or as an independent or even directly with his employers.

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The job in a few words
The profile of this computer scientist is that of a technician or an engineer able to analyze the needs of his clients as previously described in a specification by the project manager. In this context, he must:

• Analyze the needs of its customers
• Choose a technical solution
• Develop all technical functionalities of the site or the application
• Respect good coding practices
• Test and validate the functionalities thus developed
He can also train his client at the time of the delivery of the website, provide technical support throughout the existence of the site or even solve the problems that he is part of the receiver of the site

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